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This is the presentation our CEO Rolf Neuendorf made infront of selected company owners to inform them about the main reason to establish MicroNation EcoEden now and why it should be a very good idea, to join us. This presentation was held in Hamburg, Germany, at April 03rd, 2016. So, have a break, take a good coffee and read this:

"Post-collapse society and Peninsulas"

 Be inspired

The MicroNation EcoEden is aimed at one or more peninsulas to reach the post-collapse society and to make this by living examples ethically valuable, technologically acceptable, ecologically sustainable and socially sophisticated. To achieve this goal, the MicroNation EcoEden based on the results of different satellites. What does this core message mean?


Satellites are projects and companies of the group “Angels Association Global” that achieve results in the areas of agriculture, energy production and research. These results are financial profits and knowledge. Both flows durable and permanently in the MicroNation EcoEden that is currently designed as a hedge fund and a permanent location is looking to deploy capital and knowledge to the creation of a fortified, high-tech settlememt and to act from there. This site is designated for the purposes of future researchers as a peninsula, because at any time to interact takes place with the economic and social systems outside this settlement. In any case, until it is come to the collapse of the systems.

Research- and Educational-Center

Until then, a research and educational center will be built in the first phase of the settlement, which included residential buildings, community buildings and technical facilities which make the settlement independent of water, food and energy, which would have to be imported. Researches are purposefully done to accumulate further knowledge in the field of food production, energy production and energy storage, tele-medicine and plant growth. The disclosure of this and other knowledge takes place within the educational institution, which serves in the broadest sense of the adult education and is operated in the hope to pass several important impetus to third parties.

Collapse or Collapses

When we say, to make a post-collapse society significantly, so this requires not just capital, knowledge, strategy, protection, people and locations, but also that there will be a collapse. The founders and financiers of MicroNation EcoEden are no apocalyptists, but on the contrary very informed, objective and experienced entrepreneurs and private individuals who collect for fifteen years all available information and evaluate how to make it, for example, the Club of Rome and other renowned institutions to predict future developments and possibly to be able to counter these developments. And this brings us to the real problem: Indeed, it is by no means the question of whether there will be such a collapse of the system - rather, the question of which system is when and where collapse, then collapse which connected systems of the successor and whether there a counteraction will or ever can give.

Less theoretical: African countries, it is not particularly disturbing at first, when the global financial system collapses. The African economies are still viable, certainly at the current low level, but without much other changes. At the same time chaos will break out in Europe, in Japan, in the US - the average citizen will have to fall back to bartering. A post-war scenario with no previous war. That war will then be later at least when adjacent States recognize that the hitherto powerful industrial nations have no means of defense more.

Or rising oil prices due to low flow rates ensure food shortages. Would you live in London City or maybe have a farmer to a friend? It does not take much imagination to imagine how the so-called civilized states look like and how people are to each other, when food is scarce, if the heaters stopped, if mobility is completely restricted. And even less fancy is needed to imagine how the government will react - against its own people, compared to adjacent countries, to suppliers countries.

Or we go into more detail: What happens to economies when youth unemployment is increasing even more? What if the old-age poverty increases as forecast? When beggars populate the cities? When gangs take what they can not get without violence? If the health system collapses? What if …?

And these few questions and their possible answers garnished with the terrorist aspects of the present time, garnished with the knowledge on the exploitation of nature, garnished with the knowledge about climate change, garnished with the knowledge of the ever more extensive control of citizens by the states, garnished with the onset of refugee flows - this is the collapse, that's a lot or some small collapses but which are growing through the connected world economy, through the surmountable distances always to be a major collapse. Inevitabe.

 Apocalypse now?

Let's be apocalyptist? No. Any citizen with access to the Internet and an at least average IQ is able to be able since years to learn about the development and the backed forecasts of us dominant systems: health, retirement services, labor market, financial market, asset allocation, risk of war, distribution of resources, terrorism, politics, health issues, poverty, child mortality, political alliances, citizen control, dictatorships, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, overfishing, deforestation, dying bees, phosphorus deficiency, micro plastic parts, brutalization, slums, rural exodus - and in additional a technical equipment of government agencies which restricts the freedom of the citizens right then when it matters.

We have analyzed this for years and have come to our results, we do not view as universally valid and that we do not stand as absolute truth. But we made the basic decisions simply logical. For example:

a) Can we change the world community? No, if state leaders and economies can not do this or do not want this, then we must find other ways.

b) Can we change our own behavior and our own environment? Yes, we have the even and we make it for many years more.

c) Do we have the necessary resources to live permanently these changes and to protect, in particular? Yes, now yes - and we have had, unlike most other people, the time and contacts to work out solutions.

d) Do we need to give impetus to others to permanently have all the necessities? Yes, we need to create more peninsulas. And also very classic: It is always better to spend energy for the strengthening of strengths as to spend energy to stamp out weaknesses. In other words, we do not have enough power to change the world and to change the thinking of dissent. But we have more than enough energy to change our environment and to find like-minded people and to motivate them.

As a result (and after many years of discussion and planning) the project MicroNation EcoEden: an independent of food, water and energy supply peninsula full of settlers who steer, think, work as an entrepreneur or private person from there and creating by the Research- and Educational-Center impetus and progress - also this independently by third parties, protected by its own staff against eventually marauding gangs or corrupt governments.

Finally and above the actual significant problems of social, sociological and economic systems, we must also look at the development of the environment. The whole environmental scandals, unethical exploitation of animals, the known risks of nuclear energy, the contamination of soils, phosphate deficiency - all that we need not enumerate here. It is known - and yet the dayly life is the people more important than the future. It must flow blood only before man as such looks around for solutions.


Bio-capacity of our Planet

Internationally renowned researchers, institutions such as the Club of Rome or the Stockholm Resilience Centre consistently highlight the global and no longer reversible risks back and found five years ago, that the boundaries of global development have been exceeded in three of nine critical areas, namely the climate change, the biodiversity and the nitrogen entry into the atmosphere. In a number of words, the bio-capacity of our planet we use 140% - which means that we consume all deliberately or ignorant already 40% of the second world that does not exist. In other words, in mid-September each year we have the power limit of biosystems (food supply, fiber supply, waste management, energy infrastructure) reached and then use up to Sylvester banging away 40% more resources than our world can regenerate in a year.


The Rebound Effect

"Three minutes to twelve" try politics and economics, to erect barriers against the risk of falling, such as avalanche barriers in the high mountains, which are installed on steep hillsides to protect the inhabitants of the valley. As long as the ground is strong enough, they also hold. But is weakening the ground, then comes the avalanche and the hillside and hurtling the hillside then even the obstruction of the valley. The protecting builders, our politicians and irresponsible entrepreneurs ignore this the Rebound Effect - a paradox which has already been described in 1865 by mathematician Stanley Jevons: Increasing the efficiency of a resource does not lead to under-spending, but the total consumption increases, the more economical the resource can be used. This is a fact.

A fact which even those has to accept, who want to build bridges between the peninsulas and the “Continent of Mainstream”, which accelerate the transfer of knowledge and want to dampen the impact of the capital error. Therefore, we will not try to evangelize humanity but to strengthen our strengths and to take those with us who literally think alike, but lack of own resources can not act the same.

The 3 Systems

So when we see the two factors “economies” and “ecosystems”, then the collapse is in sight (economic systems) or already there, still not seen by us as such (ecosystems). And what about the third system, the social system? Good question, next question: If you look at the recent conference results, no matter what area and if you do not feel deceived by the reigning policy actors and you can think of only "Revolution!" in anger, but analyze objectively, then establish quickly : the time is not sufficient to undermine cultural creative the political, social systems and bring about change in this way. No matter how thorough legislation is we cannot be saved from it against collapse anymore. It is only a matter of time, the place, the kind. Certainly, and that is not necessarily a positive answer: the post-collapse society will be in a world that has little or nothing to do with the world we know today.

You decide whether you will find there - mentally and physically. You decide whether you are prepared or not. You decide if you made the right decision for you and your family. Today the so-called ordinary people are exploited, more subtle than a century ago, but no less effective, more efficient. "Bread and circuses" of ancient Roman culture were replaced by work and media.

But the game is the same - very, very few people have the fortune of the world and rule this world, while the majority of others only have the feeling that they can do something decisive and not to be excluded from the important decisions. The old caste system of the Hindus works today in the so-called civilized states well, it no longer means anything, but it's there. You just have to look closely. Feudalism ruled today. His name is only now democracy.

But what happens to the average person, the voting bloc, with the workers, the employees, the manager just before, during and after the collapse, though he could not be prepared, is not strong enough, does not live in the correct layer, none assertive community joined?


Post-collapse Society

People have in the acute phase of collapse and with absolutely solid preparation, the minimal chance for conscious evolution in a completely different, peaceful and sustainable society - say researchers and scholars. We believe that only a few people have this opportunity and that we want to belong to it, by letting, in this acute phase transform our peninsula to an island and let the ocean somewhat quiet around us let off steam. We believe that humanity might rightly gambled completely the chance of this absolute new beginning through ignorance and banality itself and viewed from the eyes of the animals and the environment: no longer deserves in its entirety.

All around us, and as we give to researchers and scholars absolutely right, caused enclaves of wealthy elites who are saved through private military companies insular high-tech islands for their own survival, to compensate for the social and environmental consequences of the collapse. The MicroNation EcoEden will be exactly one such enclave - but with two key differences: We will try previously, attract many other communities as possible, it to do the same. And belonging to our MicroNation is decided not by money, but by attitude and motivation.

These enclaves are in any case be in the midst of the "normal world": oligopoly leaders secure the available resources, organize the state and ensure a minimum standard of living in the former industrial countries and so-called civilized countries. Mind you: We are not talking about the countries that are out already dictatorial similarly and live at such a low level already. The states will therefore be very similar. Overall, however, participates the supplied and labor-registrant society no longer in shaping the future, which will be hardly possible anyway. Poor regions of the country and the world remain simply left to itself.

Represent you here again the present situation: 50% of humanity have only 1% of global wealth. 40% of humanity own 14% of global wealth. 10% of humanity own 85% of global wealth. 62 families worldwide own and / or control 99% of the global industry. 62 families ... no conspiracy theory, but publicly available facts of official sources. And now you close your eyes for a moment, remembering that "who pays ... which determines the music".

And you think that your situation will improve significantly if the thin layer of civilization is stripped from the world community, like the skin of a reptile? Do you think that your situation will improve significantly if these 62 families are no longer constrained by the hypocritical and symbolic corset of state power?

Therefore, we will not try to evangelize humanity but to strengthen our strengths and take those with us, who literally think alike, but lack of own resources can not act the same. Because we are guided and strengthened by the power that is hidden in you when you have followed me this far: The power of vision and all of us surrounding us and all promotional power, our faith.

The power of belief in a power that is above all and the power of vision makes our neurons are active, always combines new parts of our brain and creates our reality. Our thoughts shape our world. It is a matter of practice, a question of experience. But it is not a question of religion. Our thoughts create a feedback of the visualized by us future with the presence of everyday life and we know that until now lived reality showed us very little of what is in us and what's in total. With this power and energy we are building a new homeland, which is ethically valuable, environmentally sustainable, morally and philosophically enriching.

Together we work us a possible solution to achieve the coming post-collapse society to survive and shape. Even now. During this time, when the art and social norms only serve to delay disintegration. The good will of many people is being systematically transformed not by itself conspiring elites, but by the operation of all of us created and tolerated systems to billion dollar business. Consumer goods giant, our future oligopolies sell "Green Lifestyle". Automotive giants to sell through our tax dollars subsidized electric cars. Energy giants sell the higher earners solar cells, which, heavily subsidized by the ordinary people, the latter can not afford themselves. "Social Business" scored gains with the bad conscience of ordinary people who can not do anything else and think to change through Fairtrade something fundamentally.

The whole thing is probably already so unstable that the collapse will not arrive only sporadically, but changed the main part of the so-called civilized world. Winners will be the oligopolies with access to the material resources of the planet. Winners will also be the pre-industrial societies that experienced by the decline of the now leading societies an approximation and their convenient location on our planet makes sure that they are not too badly damaged by the climate change. Unlike emerging economies, the pre-industrial countries still have functioning traditional structures. The uprooting of the societies of the developed countries and the emerging economies revenge in dramatic fashion in the battle for the new structure of the societies and the battle for the lead on our planet.


Vision and Faith

We use our chance to create an enclave in this transformation. Together with the people who join us and make the free will above all else. Our religion is ethics, logic and the belief that there is more than what we perceive here on the superficial world. We will break through the asphalt of ignorance with our vision of how the dandelion the asphalt of the road. And we will do it for us - the international community, we can not proselytize:

Leaving aside entirely from the fact that today 3.6 billion people live in cities, which cannot longer feed themselves and probably could hardly be "evangelized" within a few years. Or also someone believes that the 200 richest families in the world, which have half of the assets of the world, suddenly spread hand in hand with the fund managers in the world their goods? That industrial groups to cease operations in order not to consume the world's resources? The dictators of this world, the drug barons, the neo-fascists, the Taliban stone throwers, the African warlords, the Monsantos, the Nestlés, thech Pfizers in the world - they will never voluntarily give up what they have and make.

But we change our environment together with like-minded people and the goal of creating a worth emulating peninsula to give in the post-collapse society an example of a better world. The combination of vision and faith enables us to create the MicroNation EcoEden - together with our future partners, we have a powerful method when we hold on vision and faith with a clear understanding of the realities and the unconditional will to change against all probabilities the vision and faith of a good life in a completely different world. We want to ensure that a deeply troubled post-collapse society can reorient by us.

And this demand is not naive. This visionary power has been and always will be the drive of revolutions - we are exactly then create an evolution, if the systems require the slightest push to reverse if they lying on the ground. Then we prepare ourselves, to exist this challenge with lucrative satellites, with the necessary satellites, with the right partners and sufficient knowledge, which is more complex by far than anything today existed before. This creates not by the reshuffle of posts, stricter laws, takeovers. The one creates by powerful visions, by the belief that in principle the human being is a trusted organism. Capital you can get. Factories you can build. But people you have to win. And we do that through the vision of our faith in a solution that will ultimately trigger a learning process to bring about a metamorphosis of societies.

Our group logo is the dragon and therewith we symbolize the ties to the history of humanity and the strength and uniqueness of our ventures. But behind the dragon is the butterfly, the symbol of metamorphosis: eggs already in the Imago cells are created that characterize the adult animal. While in the pupa the old organism digests itself, the Imago cells connects themselve to the structure on which the by the proteine newly forming cells organizing themselves. Visualizing from the outset unswervingly the being, which they ultimately give birth - and also even on the disaster of the total resolution.

We will find out whether we belong to the Imago cells of post-collapse society who have the plan developed to full bloom in humanity itself, which will have left their feeding phase in the larva of Homo industrialis finally behind him. And you?


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