Unsolicited Proposal

Postscript, October 30th, 2016

Due to the situation in Albania in context with corruption and a lack of education, experiences with investors and disinterest in positive developments of the Albanian society and economy on the peer of decision makers of politics and authorities in Albania we decided to stopp any activity for our project in Albania and to realize it in a country with more security, interest and support, now. We hope, that the Albanian leaders will find back to the historical size of former times. So, the following text is only to show our book of duties out of the poroposal we gave to the Albanian government:

For the segment "Tourism" we need a forest area, which covers at least 20ha. For the segment "Research" we need two lakes. For the segment "Education" we need a hitherto untouched hill- and valley-plot with a minimum size of 50 ha. Having said that, we make the Municipality of Lezhë or failing that, by the relevant Albanian administrative unit the Unsolicited Proposal, based on the Law on the granting of licenses and the set up of Public Private Partnerships (Law of Concessions No. 125/2013) to take over those three properties by very long-term leases from the Municipality of Lezhë or by the relevant Albanian administrative unit and to commit ourselves in return to build and operate independently a research- and educational-center affiliated with tourism attractions at our own expenses.

Within the segment "Education" and the segment "Research" different buildings are to be constructed, used for research, education, accommodation for students and seminarians as well as the administration of the project. For the segment "Research" the grounds are around these buildings, the lakes and the forest are used. For the segment "Tourism" is used only the forest. All three segments are interconnected and obtain significant synergies that affect regionally, nationally and internationally.

Financial company of all three segments is the EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG which will operate legally separated the corresponding segments with Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k. (Tourism), Deutsche Agrar Holding Sh.p.k. (Research) and Deutsche Zertifizierung Sh.p.k. (Education), all located in Tirana, Albania. In the segment "Tourism" and in the research area "Microalgae" carried out a joint venture with the company Demeter Development Sh.p.k., Tirana. In the segment "Research" carried out a cooperation with the non-governmental organization Gateway Albania.

These and other companies are common as Angels Association Albania.



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