The to-use for this forest area is operated in terms of forest management, without the objective would be to generate income from timber utilization. Rather, it is to clean up the existing forest, weed out diseased trees in favor of common stock and to establish a permanent professional forestry. There should be no sales of timber. This professional forestry is carried out in cooperation with courses of German Forestry Institutes and will be part of a research contract for the research- and educational-center. At the same time the results of practiced locally forestry and the results of the research contract are subject of training measures and will be directed to laymen and foresters.

Based on this so cleaned and professionally managed forestry area, we will implement two special projects that will attract a tourist attraction of domestic and foreign tourists: On the one hand an "Educationtrail", the other a "Tree Trek". Both courses are designed for day-trippers, people interested in nature, school groups and business people. Both deals adapt tourism and educational opportunities that are very successful marketed internationally for years, in addition to Canada and Australia very successful in Germany and the USA.

The so-called Educationtrail is built by wooden path that meanders through a wooded area, nature can prejudice and ideally allows wheelchair-drivers, parents with prams or small children to experience a forest and the nature generally. Billboards, cultivation fields, guides and other useful tools serve nature lovers, the curious people and school-classes to understand forest, nature, plants and connected konwledge and to spend an eventful day in the fresh untouched nature. This idea of the trails is offered successfully in Germany in many forest areas, but also herbs growing areas, not only by private companies, but also from local tourist offices. The combination with webs was in Wisconsin (USA) built on a length of 2.5 kilometers and has become one of the great attractions in the tourism industry in the respective municipality. We also take advantage of the combination of growing areas with the research and the seminars offered by the educational institution, addressed to laymen. It creates great synergies.

Tree Trek is a hugely successful concept that has numerous international vendors. The first German project was established under the auspices of a company of Angels Association Global more than ten years ago in northern Germany. There are now alone in the radius of 100 km three successful imitators of this concept. Tree Trek means in the broadest sense, that a path is passed through a forest that is not on the ground, but runs below the treetops and is a combination of ropes, hanging bridges and similar tools. This offer is aimed to children ages 8 and more, to students, to families, to adults, to athletes and to companies. Depending on the target group differently difficult parts of the Tree Trek offered. More and more companies demand such tours as an alternative to normal excursions. But in addition, it is increasingly offered as part of educational programs to bring and executives teamwork like practically in experience.

Tree Trek in Asturia it is therefore certainly initially and permanently be a range of citizens and tourists, but in the main it will be a cooperation with the educational institution and offered this international executives as part of week-long seminars.


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