Research Contracts

Taking place on the spot research broadly relates to the agricultural economy, utilizes the natural resources of Asturia on to lease surfaces and will discard any emissions but assume a significant share to protect the environment and the sustainable use of nature. This research will be effected in cooperation with German and Austrian Universities. The research areas include the "Microalgae - cultivation, use and quality assurance", "Energy crops - competitive behavior, land use and alternatives", "Medicinal herbs - Professional cultivation, reactivation of old seeds, soil management, quality assurance" and "Traditional Chinese Medicine - cultivation necessary herbs and roots outside China". This research will be carried out jointly with relevant universities within the building to be constructed, using the lakes as well as making use of the forest.

Into the segment "Microalgae" are parts of the lakes used, as well as modern greenhouses on the grounds around the buildings. Both areas are simultaneously illustrative examples of the educational institution. At the same time, tourists have the opportunity to inform themselves also on site and get an idea of how research can look like in practice.

In our research on "Energy crops" several hectares of ground with the plants "Miscanthis giganteus" and "Yatropha" has to be cultivated. Both species are characterized by very high energy efficiency and that they do not deprive the soil of nutrients. Miscanthus giganteus is the production of energy from the combination of biomass and cogeneration plants. Yathropa turn produces oil, which is used for production of biofuel. Both branches of research combined with many years research by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture (Miscanthus giganteus, Germany), Daimler-Benz (Yathropa, India) and Lufthansa (Yathropa, Madagascar) further supplemented by growing their own experiences of EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG and its partners.

In the research area "Medicinal herbs" the existing native species of herbs are examined and used to enforce quality improvements and quality fuses permanently. Here, a collaboration with regional producers, nationwide exporters and with a Spanish University. The research arrangements themselves and their results are also part of the educational institution. In addition, the area under cultivation in and around the forest terrain is part of the tourist guides and serve as an additional offer for schools. In our research on "Traditional Chinese Medicine" the researches of three German universities are summarized and by appropriate cultivation will create locally fundamentals that these plants will in future be part of the domestic production and the national exports. The purpose of the created surface areas are also part of the educational institution as an illustrative example, the training of students can serve and be incorporated in the tourist guides.







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