Research Areas


The Micronation EcoEden will be in a first development phase, a research and training center, which will give the region a new face and offers insights into an educated, successful and independent future. Some research results of the last decade will be implemented in the project, some other areas need to be explored first. For this purpose, corresponding research contracts are now defined by the parent company of the Micronation EcoEden who own shares of the research funds provided and then conducted with selected state universities discussions to begin to cooperate on. That these opportunities for the universities and for the region of the future location of the Micronation EcoEden can be perceived only when the regional authorities will enable the project, has to be understand.

According to the slogan "Food - Energy - Education", the new, additional research contracts move in these areas. The education sector is dominated by the proven and recognized by the EU authorities further education measures for nurses, doctors and naturopaths to Master of Herbal "Sanacura Coach". In addition, the training measures offered by us for years about the Phoenix Academies for obtaining the EBC European Business Certificates are offered, so that from the outset successful training measures offered in the region under the leadership of the German Phoenix Academies as recognized EU education support.

In the "Energy" research will be advertised, which relate to the topics of "passive house and energy efficiency", "river water-small power plants" and "energy crops". In the "Food" research will be advertised, which include the topics "medicinal herbs", "Traditional Chinese Medicine", "fish farming", "Forestry" and "microalgae". The fact that these research results carried out in each case with pilot projects on site, is a matter of course. It is also implicit that such research is part of the training measures on site. So the new research and training center content is always growing and increasingly a magnet for education interested people. Incidentally, this is exactly what the European Union has long demanded.

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