Regional Value Creation


The importance of research and the results of research is very important for the region in which the Micronation EcoEden will arise. For the theoretical part of the research is performed in Hamburg or Vienna, but the practical part and the pilot projects in the region in which the micronation EcoEden should arise. This means, among other things, that a large part of the research funds at the site of the future Micronation EcoEden is consumed, including for labor, training, technical equipment, buildings, plantings and seminars.

So the Micronation EcoEden be built first such building on the future site, which serve the research (laboratories, offices, experimental arrangements) and serving the education or training (classrooms, accommodations). The pilot projects will then promptly started on the site, say for example the cultivation of energy crops, fish farm or professional herb gardens. Even the construction of buildings represents a pilot project because here research is implemented practically in terms of cybernetics, energy and environmental performance.

Secondary effect of this research is therefore a noticeable increase in the regional value, an appreciation of the region as a research and educational center as well as the emergence of a travel destination for day trippers to experience research "live". That this is also offered regional schools as an educational opportunity is granted.

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