Research: A Social Responsibility

In connection with the emergence of the project MicroNation EcoEden is always research an important aspect. The two research institutes "FBH Research Institute Citizenship and Human Medicine" and "FEE Research Institute Energy Efficiency" are for many years pillars. The results of this research have been incorporated into a variety of decisions that affect the social structure, the integration of historical knowledge, cultural orientation and the internal structure of the micronation. Similarly, the results of this research have been incorporated into decisions about the choice of plants for food and energy, on medical care, technical solutions, project developments and features of the micronation. In January 2017 all these activities are brought together into the FEE Research Institute Energy Efficiency.

Our slogan "Food - Energy - Education" has already pointed out: Our research results flow one hand in the construction and operation of the micronation, but on the other hand, the results are also part of the training opportunities and the impulses that are passed down from our micronation to others. Thus, the research serves the purpose of optimizing the micronation and a social task, namely the dissemination of knowledge.

Therefore, the location will be used for research purposes in a first development phase of the micronation, for example, with respect to plant and vegetable cultivation, fish breeding, construction cybernetics and other areas that respect the environment, respect nature and optimize the use of worldly resources. Besides the German research institut of the group now curently research contracts with Albanian, German and Austrian universities are advertised in order to achieve best results.

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