Vision to be realized


And situated in the development our project MicroNation EcoEden is our solution for the post-collapse society, for the time before and during this time. Our community currently consists of over a dozen companies and executives and their families and supporters of the craft, medicine and education. This community is to grow to 200 households that will settle gradually on the 1,000 hectare property in the south of Europe itself. The project Micronation EcoEden will be an example to other prestige project for a new corporate, social and economic order, will be the sociological, technical and organizational impetus to existing and future projects.

The project
MicroNation EcoEden will receive a cooperative structure, which socializes the existing and future assets internally and the other community members to ensure an appropriate contribution to the development and the existence of the project. Sponsors from the fields of technology supporting our project just as we assist researchers in the development of these technologies.

The future cooperative MicroNation EcoEden will produce knowledge, food and energy, and use this to fund the multi-million dollar investment respectively use these three basic components of life as exchange, if and when the conventional systems will collapse. With regard to the supply of food, energy and water and know we will be completely self-sufficient, even though we consider ourselves during the inventory of conventional social, economic and financial systems as a peninsula - and will be a permanently functioning islet solution begin when these systems to collapse.

At the latest at the time of the first major collapses we will declare our project to be a micronation in the sense of international law, and then act according to their own social, legal and economic rules. Until then, we interact with the hosting state among others by the fact that we can build their own front-site production, gain local farmers as partners and also produce decentralized supply and disposal solutions locally.

Our projects considered when building a house, in agriculture, the supply of other foods highest and own ecological demands. The sealing of the landscape as well as emissions of production are reduced to an absolute minimum. Old values such as loyalty, ethics, morality and citizenship will determine the degree of cooperation without any dogmas. The host country, our technology partners and other supporters are
Micronation EcoEden a valuable contribution to finding solutions to the current disaster of systems afford. We are a counterpoint to doomsday scenarios and discouragement.

This, our planet deserves to have people finally stop to discuss possible solutions, but finally implement them. We do it. And you?

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