Ethics and Humility


Is important for us the humility of what we humans can not explain and respect for all that we are not you. Within our community of Micronation EcoEden there are a number of ideologies, very different conceptions metaphysical and wonderfully refreshing discussions. United we are all in the fact that as yet can "it" so go on in any area, will or should. And that all that we experience and feel is not everything by far. We all search here anyway and find practical solutions to overcome the demands of the coming years - and believe in the energy and everything created us around us. As this energy is called, which form legends around it - is not that secondary?

There are many parallels in the myths and religions, so that it is important, in our opinion, to find the definition of the whole that suits oneself, with which one himself can relate to and with which one can live in the truest sense of the word. In Micronation EcoEden we will have a temple, creating a so-called Ming Tang ( "bright room"). We understand the word temple as it was originally intended: a space to find oneself, to others and to the energies that created or designed by the world. And it is this definition allows for much flexibility that our ultimate postulate nor any particular belief or even a religious orientations is it, but: The free will of man.

Our temple is therefore not a religious symbol, but a meeting of individuals with what feels the individual as a spiritual order - and this may be the Christian God, the Prophet Muhammad or be what example the founder of Micronation EcoEden, Rolf Neuendorf, simply and aptly called "The Energy" that created everything, moves, designed and permits. Our temple is meditation, not the dogmatism and certainly not a doctrine or movement. Here, people find themselves and to what moves them. And that's why this meditation center will be bind in the Agora - modeled after the ancient Greek concept of a marketplace of discussions and opinions, the meeting place of the village community.

In MicroNation EcoEden you will not find dogmas, gurus or preachers. You will find old values such as loyalty, citizenship, morals and ethics. You will find the opportunity to indulge in metaphysical discussions with peers and bring with themselves and the world in harmony. Not more but also not less.

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