At Time Transformation


The world is facing the beginning of a new era and the people are in a time of great, very large changes. Many expect it to happen, fear and anxiety is spreading. It is the time to look for a real grip. It is the time not to listen to false prophets.

It is the time to get to acquire knowledge in order to make the right decisions. It is the time to find a temple, which gives you peace, strength, knowledge and hope in this time of change. The requirements for all human beings have reached a dimension, as it has not been seen for many generations. We all: you, we and our community, including the States and the religious communities are at the beginning of a new era. A new era that will take historical dimensions and all of us demands everything. A new era which requires completely new answers to social, economic and ecological point of view.

People need a solid refuge, a transmitted in our so-called modern time "last city", a temple of contemplation and reflection. Community without dogmas, without surrender. A community of like-minded knower and seeker. People need a solid refuge as a place of safety, we will work together to create. The reconstruction of the scattered over thousands of years Temple Ming Tang met while the emotional, the mental and the reasonable investigation needs of the people as we invest in the creation of a permanent base for our community, where we expect the new structures of the world, change and also create. Because we are an international network economically, have excellent connections throughout the world and a knowledge within us that has matured over years, and we pass on our own academy.

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