Please be careful when reading these pages and you do not speak the same with any of the content: you could here find new ideas or worse - get confirmed your views and know that you are not alone. Note that we here want to raise awareness so that you thoughtful and no longer carefree happy by this superficial world go after reading these pages or worse you feel confirmed and noted that there also other goes so in your worries. And caution: Find no esoteric content within the meaning of pipe dreams and tasks - much worse ... here you will find contact with the thinking and acting of entrepreneurs, sensitives, knower, anthroposophists, freethinkers and scientists. You could make friends with the thoughts or infected. Together provide a home and thinking in security and tranquility about it and know that there is much more beyond the daily experienced surface, as one wants to make us know.

We all united the belief that people have to reflect on their descent and that from this realization, the correct actions to be taken to make the turning point for all members of the community so that the time of the post-collapse society a chance is for the new beginning of mankind.

This completely free from dogmatic approaches and sectarianism. And regardless of the currently leading regions of the world, so that we operate inter-non-denominational and our common knowledge to use mythologies and religions, science and industry for the benefit of all community members. Spanning the world we act to our community, to enable the construction of one of the last cities. This so-called last city is not meant apocalyptic, but in actual fact our future base from which we are now, during the era and will act very successful in the post-collapse society.

We want old values modernize and live, old mythologies reconcile with the key messages of the world religions and be able to survive the challenges ahead. Angels and dragons are for us not only metaphors - we know that our overall social and economic order is extremely change. Therefore we act now, after we had prepared ourselves for many years in secret, companies and projects on and had sold us many industries actively earned in many, and were headed against the odds our goal. Now we reveal to us and give thinkers, believers and good opportunity to work together to realize us something great: Micronation EcoEden

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