Electricity and Heating


The decentralized supply of energy and heat is a constantly growing market and for effective solutions are essential elements. In this area, more plants under construction, the commercial businesses, apartment settlements and apartment houses are internationally constantly guarantee an independent energy and heat supply of corporations. Of course we will, this principle heed even at MicroNation EcoEden - and want to implement in other locations as well. Our satellite here is the Green Elephant Umwelttechnologie.

Basis of such solution are always cogeneration, ie small, low-maintenance, versatile and highly efficient heating systems whose firing can be carried out with a variety of fuels. These are special projects whose base are proven cogeneration German manufacturer. These projects have a system of Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH develops and are not restricted to the technical solution, but have a holistic approach: Green Elephant Heat.

At Green Elephant Heat so it is a symbiosis of commercial and technical solution of certain tasks and not only to the supply of a cogeneration plant. MINERVA heat means, first, that, for example, into a hotel, a business enterprise, a multi-family house system of a housing association or the individual houses of a residential area with low-cost energy and heat are durable, reliable and efficient supply. It means, secondly, that the planning, implementation, financing and operation is carried out via a special cooperative, to which both the supplier of the cogeneration plant, and the Dea Dia involved with cooperative funds.

Green Elephant Heat means, thirdly, that the investment by the supply of the electricity produced on the basis of the Energy Supply Law state guarantees amortized or the own consumption of electricity at absolute low prices and that in any case, the heat is delivery to likewise unbeatable cost price. it  means, fourthly, that each operating company is aimed to be used as biomass so-called elephant grass, which is grown through projects of Eco Eden Water KG - we do together here a pioneering step in the right direction, by no environmentally damaging monocultures be used as biomass.

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