Green Elephant EnergyCrop


In connection with the realization of the grand project MicroNation EcoEden turned out for us the task to answer the question of biomass for energy. At the same time the task was to find a solution both in the field of heat recovery, as well as for the production of biodiesel. This task was all the more interesting for us because it turned a similar question in the context of the propagated by us local heating networks and operators cooperatives for cogeneration. The circle to the resources in Romania, Poland and Germany of available arable land, as well as to the investors in the field of green investments both in the cooperative area, as well as in the field of private funders joined almost suddenly. Green Elephant EnergyCrop is a project of ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG and so a satelite of MicroNation EcoEden.

We are larger acreage in Germany, Poland and Romania secure to grow elephant grass there. Both private investors, as well as cooperative members and members and founders of other agricultural cooperatives are given the opportunity to participate financially in these projects.

We rely in the selection of plants on a twenty-year study by the Department of Agriculture in Bavaria and experiences of business partners: elephant grass does not need fertilizer, but also supplies the soil with nitrogen. It requires no pesticides, since it does not attract pests. The dry content is very large, so that after harvest, transport costs are lower than for other plants. It does not compete with food demand, since it is not a food. The investments of the cooperatives are amortized depending on climate after three, at least four years - and generate for the remaining 15-year life of each year renewable biomass high returns. The energy value of one hectare of corn equivalent to approximately 1.000ltr. light fuel oil per year - the energy value of one hectare of elephant grass corresponds 7.000ltr. light fuel oil per year. Of course, the operator cooperatives of local heating networks are supplied with the elephant grass of agricultural cooperatives. You may participate in both types of cooperatives already starting at € 1,000.

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