Green Elephant PowerPlant


Decentralized energy supply systems are designed for commercial and private users solutions to permanently, inexpensive and above all reliable live and economies can. If one wants to be independent of subsidies and corporations, one decides for cogeneration plants, whose technology is proven. Together with our partner JBM Engineers we have this for MicroNation EcoEden optimized and for locations with friendly self-sufficient settlements.

And can ride mainly a base load, neither of wind strength, yet from sunlight dependent. We invest in such supply systems that ensure the holistic approach even the financing and operation of the plants: Project systems called Green Elephant Heat. All decentralized solutions in this field must first decide on the type of biomass. And therein lies the problem: We all remember the disaster, as biodiesel producers took advantage of the cheap palm oil and whole forests were cut down - Greenwashing the very evil nature and we see how food has been the plaything of speculators and because corn and other plants are used as biomass. Overall a perfectly sad and angry-making scenario that takes place under the label of environmental awareness in our eyes. 
Green Elephant PowerPlant is a project of ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG and so a satelite of MicroNation EcoEden.

We invest in the cultivation of elephant grass (Miscanthus giganteus) in Germany, Poland and Romania. Even twenty years ago the Ministry of Agriculture Bavaria had conducted trials to investigate the plant growth and may find incredible benefits of elephant grass compared to other energy sources. Enforced it has, however, still does not - because the burners of heating systems must be converted, older models do not tolerate the high coke content and the willing individual consumers rarely find providers of elephant grass. The task was called and therefore called Where is the demand market (the consumer) and where the offer (the biomass)?

We and our partner companies have this dilemma easily solved: We create our own demand market by building customer about the project system Green Elephant Heat (district heating systems) and build the plants themselves, which we need. By the way: We earn alone with the cultivation and sale (to the own operating cooperatives) the plants double-digit net returns without subsidies, subsidies or artificial grants: We lease or buy land, replant this land, harvest the crops, sell them - easily. Without subsidies without control models without environmental damage. That's how it should be.

The drawing of shares by you, for example, to participate in this -for drawing exactly definierten- projects, provides users with even sleep comfortably lucrative additional income, but then you are among the people who are actually and consciously work to ensure that energy efficient solutions can be used in the world locally and prove we're all together again, that it need not always be large industrial or consolidated solutions. Please send us a short email through our contact form to get more information if you are basically believes that your money is intended to help to improve the world and to protect the environment, so that we all necessary and available can send information.

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