Miscanthus Giganteus


But why precisely elephant grass? Please imagine how our soils are leached through the corn and other monocultures. Make the right to enter how many pesticides and herbicides in the soil and thus into our groundwater to keep these monocultures happy. Make the right that each year replanted, new transports, new fertilized and constantly poisons are sprayed. Please make the right flow how many subsidies still in this agriculture. These ideas no peace of mind can refuel "conscious" its heating or his car.

And then imagine me that a field must be planted only once in twenty years. Make the right that this field no fertilizer, no pesticides, no herbicides required and that the plant there twenty years to grow and can be harvested in the year up to three times, is not a food. Make the right that this plant the ground permanently deprives no nutrients, but returns the captured nutrients before harvest back into the ground. With these ideas, you know why we have chosen for elephant grass.

But that's only half the story. Because if you have to replant 70,000 m² field with corn to the energy value of approximately 9,000 liters. to obtain fuel oil, as needed for elephant grass just one hectare of land for it. Transport costs are low, because the dry matter of the plant is higher than in corn et al Energy plants. Once planted generates these hectares of arable say over the lifetime of the plant and write the calorific value of 200,000 ltr. Heating oil. Finally, the financial benefit to the consumer: wood chips are two and a half times more expensive, pellet even four times more expensive than biomass from elephant grass. And finally: fields with miscanthus offer small animals and microorganisms valuable, new habitat.

So why invest in the production of elephant grass? Because it makes sense. Because it uses the environment. Because it protects nature. Because it is highly efficient. Because it is inexpensive. Because it supports decentralized solutions. Because it is always available. Because the cultivation, transportation and consumption can be organized as a cooperative. Because it is highly profitable. Because it serves climate protection. Because it protects animals. And because it leaves the value in the region. It is time to rethink. You now have that opportunity.

The drawing of cooperative shares by you, for example, to participate in this -for drawing exactly definierten- projects, provides users with even sleep comfortably lucrative additional income, but then you are among the people who are actually and consciously work to ensure that energy efficient solutions can be used in the world locally and prove we're all together again, that it need not always be large industrial or consolidated solutions. Please send us a short email through our contact form to get more information if you are basically believes that your money is intended to help to improve the world and to protect the environment, so that we all necessary and available can send information.

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