Call to Act


Our group of companies and entrepreneurs realized the project MicroNation EcoEden to implement a variety of ideas and to provide internationally one example, that the collapse of the systems can only be a beginning of something good and new. Worldwide, hundreds of people deal with the idea of how to survive the collapse of the systems. Few people worry about what will happen after that. Many so-called solutions are not. Some solutions are ridiculous, some useless, some unnecessary and most do not thoughtful.

We have taken up ideas of our founder, which were put on paper twenty years ago for the first time. These ideas were then updated through him, we have formed so-called think tanks and finally started to realize the project. Today we are in the middle, select just the right location and to start with the building of settlements in the foreseeable future. But what can we do differently than others?

Firstly, we assume that the known social and economic problems will collapse more and more in the foreseeable future. But not as one apocalypse, but gradually, over and over again, more and more, or more or different states. We who live privileged will have to get used to it that we have to leave our comfort zone. With serious social, economic, mental consequences. The matter is that we have to learn to survive these situations, this collapse. This means that our experts, engineers and thinkers developed a technical and social structure that will enable us as inhabitants of the settlement, to survive these times. And at the same time we expect a scenario that not only secures us survive, but will primarily serve as an example, if a new social order created after the collapse.

Secondly, we have no apocalyptic thoughts. This means that we are also quite imagine that our so-called civilized society, it still somehow manages to survive bigger collapses, that it goes anyway. This we accomplished in the way that we will create not an island but a peninsula - our settlement and the people living there and there operating companies are always to be interacting with "this world outside" and only interrupt this when a crisis will be created close.

Finally, the whole project is also economically thoughtful, long-term planning and is constantly adapted to the current situations. Meanwhile our engineers working regarding the solutions to live, to work, to live our thinkers deal with the social structures, the standards, the monetary system, pensions, population structure and similar crucial considerations. At the same time, we have begun to establish so named satellites. Techniques and projects that we build and use in our project were and are already companies that generate profits, which we invest in our project. We created and therefore provide various companies with technologies and business areas that feed our project now and in the future financially, as long as the systems work and make us independent for years, regardless if the system collapses. And all the time they serve as examples of sustainable business, ethical thinking and respect towards animals and the environment.

Ten years of intensive planning and structuring, countless collapse symptoms varied opinions about religion and values, sophisticated technical solutions and a spiritual perspective on the life and the origin of all realities one can not explain this 120 websites also. So if you are interested in information, please contact us. If you are interested in a cooperation, in cooperating on pulses, then please contact fortiori us. Today, we know where we want to settle the 200 households, and we begin talks, chimney chats, events, lectures and we like to find now the people who will live this great project with us. It's time. Take action.

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