Talkshow Cologne


During the Media Days in Cologne in mid-May 2012 presented Rolf Neuendorf, CEO of Angels Association Global, the project Micronation EcoEden for the first time to the public. Invited by Heinrich Remagen several dozen people came to the Light House Remagen into the serial "Indigo Night" and were given a fact-rich, interesting interview commanded. In the context of "U.M.A. talks" led Ute Maria Lerner for an hour an interview with Rolf Neuendorf and moderated the more than one hour lasting public discussion that was continued at finger food and drinks until after midnight.

Interested took on the audience that in Micronation EcoEden autarky as opposed to the nearly one thousand ecovillages that there are now around the world, is in the foreground. The individual companies and partners of Angels Association Global invest in research and technology, so that the project from the outset will be designed so that food, water and energy for a 100% self-sufficiency of the planned with initially 20, later than 200 households settlement in the south of Europe is set up. Rolf Neuendorf led just at this point that the project Micronation EcoEden produces the things that are now available for the community and business partners important and for all be even more important later: knowledge, food and energy. As a consequence, these self-sufficient unit results at the latest establishing a micronation when we know systems should collapse so far-reaching that its own rules and the demarcation to the rest of systems are needed.

Comprehensive was discussed that the community will have a cooperative structure. So there will be no guru, king or prophet, but a board, a supervisory board and an expert advisory board, which can be selected by General Assemblies and deselected. The property belongs to the comrades who join the cooperative. Who will join this cooperative future does not decide the respective checkbook, but what the new community member can contribute to the Community of competence and personality.

Among many other economic and spiritual issues clarified that not a doomsday or a collapse "Thursday at 15: 21h ..." emanates. Rather you like the Club of Rome assumes that there will be always and increasingly regional and national collapses of systems. Therefore Micronation EcoEden interacts with the same origin of the settlement, but even more so for the first occurrence and further collapses with the "islands" which want to survive the post-collapse society with its own, other locations or facilities. Micronation EcoEden occurs initially as a peninsula, connected to the still-functioning systems and provides, for example, consulting services for community members to, continues the operations of its subsidiaries, produces even when Micronation EcoEden resulting housings for others and acts with knowledge, food and energy. Once it will be necessary, will Micronation EcoEden be an island, a micronation that trade drives with other islands and knowledge, food and energy will offer as a medium of exchange.

Many new contacts with entrepreneurs, thinkers and artists were newly started this evening and will certainly intensively cultivated.

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