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Micronation EcoEden is a comprehensive project in the fields of renewable energy and social commitment. Devised by internationally active entrepreneurs who act for many years in the awareness that the prevailing social and financial systems such are at the end of that set new tasks and new targets are required. There is no question we are facing a new era, to which everyone has to prepare his way. We, our community of entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers and a large number of people who are convinced that there is much more than what we all perceive as reality. We provide Micronation EcoEden: Our so-called last city to meet the requirements of the post-collapse society.

Together we put private capital to develop a property of about 1.000ha in southern Europe for the construction of initially 20 and later more than 200 households to tap and begin to grow food and energy crops. This property will carry houses highest technology with both high ecological principles and planned achieve complete self-sufficient unit of food, water and energy at an early stage. Ideologically we are guided by the idea that what counts is the humility of what we humans can not explain and respect for all that we are not.

Micronation EcoEden will generate knowledge, food and energy and refinance a portion of the investment, and provide sufficient income for all members. Once the conventional systems vary or collapse, we are able to offer these resources of knowledge, food and energy as bargaining, so that the self-sufficient unit must not be abandoned. On the contrary: In this situation, Micronation EcoEden define under international law as a state and represent a safe island in chaos. We can not create a better world - but we can us create our peninsula to create an optimal basis for us and our descendants.

Since spring 2011, research contracts are awarded lands selected and acquired and promoted the so-called future Inner Circle to community members. About the ACRE A Clean Refreshed
Earth GmbH & Co. KG, we acquire property, on the FEE Research Institute we commission research projects and open up and secure water sources on the EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG. Currently a number of board members, executives and business associates of the Angels Association Global are together with the adult family members and supporters of the project investing time and money. Currently we are changing the statutes of our company to enable people to join us as investor, project development leader and to live inside the area of Eco Eden.

We offer and seek this additional partnerships and collaborations with people who have recognized the signs of the times and to companies that this prototype of Micronation EcoEden want to technologically support or use. We all together will make this project arise and where possible also duplicate elsewhere. In the meantime, we operate all our individual areas of life, to inform people, discuss the situations, find solutions and prepare ourselves that we are a new kind of community living in a new time.

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