Every mythology on this Earth, every religion and even most sects have many homogeneous, clear similarities. Most matches are made in the view that one or more superior beings this earth visited in ancient times, when have not even formed. Always made use these higher beings helpers: angels, demons, dragons, demigods ... and always ended the experiment earth so that after at least one, two warnings supposedly final out was made. You can find this written in the Koran, the Bible, among other things in the Apocalypse and a variety of unpublished books of the Bible, in the prophecies of shamans in the Wu-mythology and among the Hopi, the Indians and numerous other mythologies.

In testimony and interpretation we have found in all of which only two differences: that which we entitle the West negatively with sect are communities that would like to talk of the end of the world and the end of all existence that one only survives when the instructions of the gurus follows and is not free. And there are the mythologies and even some of the so-called world religions, which all the time turning a major change whose odds have to recognize it. Opportunities that can be reached if to prepare for the time of Christ. But how do you prepare for something that have never consciously experienced people?

Each of you knows someone who is particularly sensitive. Each has once asked the question why there is such a thing as Dejá Vu or the placebo effect. Everyone has heard that there were some of the other "coincidences" that changed a life critical. Millions of people believe in what "the Church" preaches or religious leaders posit. but billions of people believe in the reason and the fact that a religious belief is also combined with common sense. And the vast majority of us believe that fidelity to insist to himself, the care for the environment, concern for the neighbor is the best way this world here. What comes next? Nobody knows it with certainty - and no one knows with certainty what after the turning point that we experience every moment and feel will really happen. And still you can prepare for it, and quite logical, reasonable.

If one or more superior beings out there who hold our fate in their hands who just fed up, from what we humans do here, then seem to know the value that is used for other, that one humanity is not necessarily regarded as the crown of creation and one should be at peace with a total of themselves and the world. Meditating helps. So I act accordingly in order to preserve the chance to find grace, if it is because once applicable. Is there not such a supreme being, then I must not make these thoughts. Damage is not yet. Summary: Come with yourself and made the world around you to terms, appreciate the environment and find your way to what you acknowledge as a superior being, and you have what you can do. All other thoughts are superfluous.

And in addition to this mental preparation practical preparation is important: If the social system, the economic system collapse, chaos reigns. And as a result, it does not matter whether the earth goes through fire like in the Wu-mythology and among the Hopi or the celestial horsemen of the apocalypse and Stosstrupp God, the angels, or whether it goes down, because we people it with our greed and Rücksichtslosgikeit have exaggerated simply. In this chaos, whether done through angels or humans, only community, prevention of violence and mob, self-sufficient unit of supply and disposal, of systems and third parties, and to that helps to make it better in the post-collapse society, as the generations earlier.

These are the solutions in the mental, spiritual and economical, practical range. Come to the felt by millions and millions of people time turning the expected collapse, then you are prepared and the members of our community and have a chance at a new beginning. Do not come this collapse despite all the prophecies and signs and events, then we all have a new state created which will stay much more longer than the other, non-organized communities will survive.

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