The EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG is the legal basis for a community of investors, researchers and especially of those people who are aware of the failure of the recent social, economic and social systems and that is why within these systems safe home will provide for the period of post-collapse society: Micronation EcoEden. 

The project Micronation EcoEden has already been planned in outline, 1990, then masked by everyday repeatedly delayed by the need for capital accumulation, updated by friends and partners repeatedly and finally institutioniert by establishing three corporations of 2010.

Since spring 2011, research contracts are awarded lands selected and acquired and promoted the so-called future Inner Circle to community members. About the ACRE A Clean  Refreshed Earth  GmbH & Co. KG, we acquire property, on the FEE Research Institute we commission research projects and open up and secure water sources on the EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG. Currently a number of board members, executives and business associates of the Angels Association Global together with the adult family members and supporters of the project investing a lot of money and much more time in our project.

Our project is based inter alia on the technological resources and experiences of ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG and numerous business contacts and the core competence of the Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH in the fields of design, financing and implementation of ideas and projects. We are more and more members and you have the opportunity to join us. If you bring knowledge or capital, if you want to operate with us research or apply research results and if you are also of the opinion that the current systems are being replaced by new social and economic systems, then we should talk.

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