Megatrends and Opportunities


Excerpts from the speech "Mega Trends and Opportunities" by Rolf Neuendorf occasion of annual strategy meeting of the management team and promoter of Angels Association | Wealth & Welfare, 27. - 06.29.2014 in Poznan, Poland

Megatrends fundamentally alter our lives

There are fifteen megatrends that will change our lives in the next twenty years, and which we can not escape: climate change, energy policy, neo-urbanization, youth unemployment, pension disaster Pflegenotstand, civil unrest, supply problems - just to name a few. These megatrends must primarily society needs to ask the middle class and it must no longer deport politicians this responsibility, the only plan short rule and act. But, and this is equally important, we must also grasp the opportunities it, seize these opportunities and use. Only if we seize opportunities, we gain the resources and strength to face successfully all of us challenges. The management team of Angels Association Global recognized this years ago and optimizes business policy in a hard course change accordingly.


Minerva, Jupiter and EcoEden are just three examples of projects that megatrends pick up and bring social responsibility, entrepreneurial vision and economic success in a symbiosis. Against this background, the growing strength of the associations "The Alliance" and can be seen "Phoenix Academies": The Alliance | Alliance Family Entrepreneur, Energy and Agriculture is concerned, together with the Phoenix Academies long with the issues seniors living, nursing crisis, training of nursing profession and alternatives to the offers.

More education means more opportunities

Already today, it emerged three things: First, the project to create a new professional profile that we call Sanacura Coaches. Secondly, the combination of nutrition and the elderly living by training herbs experts over Phoenix Academies and equip these professionals as part of the Bel Logis projects with new perspectives in salaried or self-employed. Finally, the Bel Logis project itself: The combination of a hotel, and senior citizens' residential community. That can be all three projects combine wonderfully, stimulate each other and develop synergies is one thing, the other is that they have a wide impact on lifestyles of young and old people and economically significant impact also.

The Alliance and the Phoenix Academies are therefore from the summer of 2014 active in the acquisition of hotel operators, elderly caregivers, speakers and canvassers on how to implement these three projects. How interesting these issues is not only against the negative background of the pension problems of nursing problems and the economic problems of people and hotel businesses, clarifies when one breaks away from the negative aspects, not consistent in everyday howling, but sees what "the Seniors" today represent in Germany:

Downager, Bestager, MasterCard consumer - the new old

If we change the terms, sign and deal with the desires, needs and expectations, "Downager" - it quickly becomes clear how economically profitable and socially our projects Sanacura Coach, Herb Experts and Bel Logis demand for all concerned. Course it's about the demographic change, it is about working and living patterns of the future, also for the impact of the digital revolution to the aging society. But who is this aging society? Are only the sick, the impoverished people to which one has to take care a priority and should (!) - Or define the media this and neglect the majority of the aging population? We think we must all of the dependent and impoverished population significantly more than previously accept and politics must ever again be asked to tackle these problems and resolve. But we also believe, and that's today's topic, we also see, observe and understand the majority of aging society need - if we want society to take responsibility and if we want to recognize and perceive economic opportunities. And that we want to and should.

The old generation is not old. For the new old lifetime is after the 50th birthday not the end but a second go-around - and this has nothing to do with the midlife crisis that is nourished by the media and the prejudices. No, from 50 one is to be in the waiting room to the great happiness, a master consumer. Master Consumer are the new seniors who have money and spend it, because they want to live their lives and can. Master Consumer, new old - these are our clients if we take care of Sanacura Coaches, Herb Experts and Bel Logis. This generation has money, is consumer-oriented and not (more) brand loyal. This generation has become ecomomically interesting - this is demonstrated not least by the fact that the main target group of the tv-group RTL "14 and 49" recently changed to "14-59".

Master Consumer want more

And above it all is the new self-image: "We are not guided by others. Others should be based on us". And: Young people often feel as old as they are. Old people but feel up to ten years younger than they actually are. This paradox has consequences: The ancients know that they will live longer than their ancestors and realize that they need to do something to get fit, to be and to remain. The topic of health is becoming increasingly important, the market is always greater. We draw on this trend and form of herbal Fachwirte which harness the power of local herbs, to offer healthy food that is fun and has nothing to do with bread and water, but with intelligence, joy, beauty, ease and free from Birkenstock and fat reduction.

The 50+ generation pinched the newspaper under his arm, increases in the subway and go to the opera. The 50+ generation has changed. They will be master consumer, those who want to spend the most money: But not for stair lifts, mobile phones for seniors and Meals on Wheels. But for wellness, travel, personal care, alternative lifestyles. And the 50+ generation can spend money: 80% of this population are not affected by poverty in old age. 43% of customers of Porsche and Harley Davidson are over 55 years old. And the 50+ generation is significantly more demanding than are teenagers or younger people: About 20% of the 50+ Generatuion let the product stand when they are angry only on the packaging .... that's no age stubbornness, which is an expression of self-image that you want to get more value and quality. We use this in our quest to create Sanacura Coaches as a new job description: A round-the-clock in the house available professional who knows what she does and who just do not charge you by minutes and not primarily a caregiver represents, but the "good soul of the house".

New lifestyles

The Bestager, the 50+ generation understands this age than the second departure. It is rescheduled, since the children have left home, you might look for a different living environment, questioned the meaning of the job and thinks maybe if the partner at the side really is to be the partner for the next thirty years. The life plan is questioned and often changed. We use this exact on by offering with Bel Logis a generally high quality but affordable alternative: The senior citizens' residential community in the hotel, supervised by Sanacura Coaches: A multigenerational house without Karmol odor, a community without stairlift, a babysitting Birkenstock, healthy diet without industrial products and without fanaticism, participation in social life not as granny-fits-on-our-kids-on, but as long-term tenants in an otherwise classic betriebenem private Hotel.

We satisfy the lifestyle of Bestager whose majority have the spirit of the 18- to 29, but without the rush hour stress of career planning, marry and earn money. The life cycle has changed easily. Yet not so long ago was followed on childhood and adolescence, the acquisition phase and it "pension". Today, many of the 50+ generation start professionally again fully through, without having to carry the burden of family responsibilities or career planning with them.

The 50+ generation demands alternatives classical lifestyles. The Angels Association | Wealth & Welfare promotes such alternatives through the Alliance and the Phoenix Academies, forms to Sanacura Coaches, leaves Herbs Experts as ambassadors of a new lifestyle experience and offers a new way of social integration for Bestager by working with other permanently in a Hotel settle. The cozy pension time is past - the Un-Retirement is the future. A chance for people, companies, society. The future is not a society of singles, but of profitable partnerships as the basis of new lifestyles and the use of valuable experience, knowledge and opportunities. This profitable partnerships in our sense are intergenerational residential communities in which all benefit from the qualities of the other.

From 01.07.2014 we will talk instead of Sanacura seniors helpers of Sanacura Coaches. From 01.07.2014 we will talk instead of senior living communities of Master Consumer Communities. From 01.07.2014 we are on the Alliance and on the Phoenix Academies promote the components of this social gratification and people offer what they want and need for their economic and personal prospects for their own benefit and for the benefit of society: education, ideas, joy, visions, alternatives, safety.

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